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How to stop birds nesting at eaves of my house?

Had enough of nests at your eaves ... and all the mess?

Swallows and House Martins building their nest at the eaves of a dwelling can be a big problem.

Whilst these little birds are nice to look at, the mess immediately below a nest can be very unsightly and requires constant cleaning from spring to the autumn.

The eaves point is often above a door or, perhaps you park your car in the flight path to a nest. The wall below a nest is often an unsightly mess and very difficult to clean.

Tools Free - Fits in Minutes - Lasts for Years

The picture of the nest on this website shows the most common nesting site and NestStop™ has been designed to stop nesting taking place at this location.

This simple device can be fitted in a few minutes and will solve the problem for years to come.

NestStop™ Testimontials

"We have found NestStop™ to be 100% effective, easy to fit and work with. Will be reordering more. Also, our customers have all been satisfied with the product."

Property Service Company ‘Seeclear’ from North Wales

'I have to say I have tried bags/CD's/strings etc with no joy but,so far this year they came and went and no nests or mess thanks to NestStop'

Mr. S. O'Brien, Carbury, Co. Kildaire, Ireland

'An excellent product which does exactly as it says. My neighbour and I fitted them to our homes this Spring and are now the only two houses on our estate without nests!! Highly recommended.'

Mr. Reddy, Gorefield, Cambridgeshire

'Problem solved. I purchased two and got my window cleaner to fit them for me. The birds came back but could not build. Great job and simple.'

Mrs. I. Bruton, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire








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